Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reviewing My Trip to Buenos Aires

Forgive the lack of photo, I have not yet had time to download my approx 700 pix (not bad, really, I had 1,500 when I came back from China). (update, I just downloaded the pix and it was more than 900)

I've started posting some reviews of my trip on Trip Advisor, a service I really depend on for clarifying my hotel choices. I do take all such user-generated reviews with a grain of salt since a bee in someone else's bonnet might not even be a buzz to me. (Wow, double cliche sentence!) I say that, because my biases may not be yours, but I tried to be objectively opinionated in my reviews.

I loved the hotel we stayed in, Melia Buenos Aires, Reconquista 945. You can see my review of that property as well as the famous cemetery in Recoleta (with appropriate dining recommendations, of course) here, through my Trip Advisor profile. I hope to add to that and will let you know when I update it.

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