Monday, February 15, 2010

Post Valentine's Day Card

Happy Day After Valentine's Day -- Sorry I missed posting, but my husband had to travel about two hours into the Sierra foothills for business and I decided to ride along. My Valentine's Day reward? A chicken Cesaer salad at Costco's on the way back (well, we did pick up a new TV set since the one I prefer to watch my old movies on imploded a few days ago).

I thought I might post from an internet cafe while Gary was busy, but couldn't find one. Instead I enjoyed walking around some old gold mining towns repurposed as tourist destinations. The weather was beautiful. I had a great corn beef hash for breakfast that made me try to think how I could do something similar in a lower fat or vegetarian format -- watch for that sometime (hopefully) soon.

I'm not sure what I would have written about if I had posted, probably something about the changes I see in my stats around Valentine's Day (and Christmas and Mother's Day) -- searches for the number of calories in See's candies.

I did have a menu with recipes in mind, I'll post that soon as well. After all it shouldn't take a "Hallmark" holiday such as Valentine's Day to spur you to have a romantic dinner with your special someone.

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