Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not the Farmer's Daughter, So I Go to Fisher Farm

My thumb isn't at all green, my idea of a good time is not spent weeding, mulching and perusing seed catalogs, but I do adore fresh grown food and prefer to buy it from those who actually grow it, hence my preoccupation with farmers' markets and farm stands.

One of my family favorites is out in Ripon, CA. We are out that way a few times a year and my husband, the traveling salesman, is out that way a lot, so we get to enjoy Fisher Farm's crop rotations throughout the year.

Take a look at their seasonal schedule and maybe you'll find yourself making a detour to this jewel of a farmstand in the San Joaquin Valley. (With lots of other farmer-run farm stands near by, too.)

In addition to the fruit shown on the schedule, they have lots of heirloom tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables.

Read what else I've written about Fisher Farms in this post, including photos and directions for homemade hot sauce. (We called ours Below the Belt Hot Sauce.)

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