Monday, January 17, 2011

Fancy Food Show Time Again

It's like Christmas in January for food lovers.
It's an annual feast of new and imported delicacies meant for the retail trade but like manna to food bloggers.
It's the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco's Moscone Center.

Sponsored by the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT), it's a convention center full (more than 80,000 products) of fine foods (pates, cheeses, chocolates, teas and so very much more from the U.S., Argentina, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Asia and more) and new product introductions ranging from the unexpectedly wonderful (such as beet, Parmesan cheese and cashew dip) to the I'm sorry I stopped to taste it (tasteless grey-looking noodles in a gritty glop of a sauce).

Biggest crowds at booths at the show:

1. Cypress Grove Chevre's goat cheese and beer tasting (I liked the stout with the Humboldt Fog cheese and the miniature beer glass they used to serve the beer in.)

2. Republic of Tea's new loose leaf tea introductions.  Wonderful teas for a company that never compromises on quality or taste.  The fact that they were giving out individual tea presses probably accounting for the 30 people deep lines on both sides of the booth.

3. The booth that had mounted a TV showing the football playoff game.  I couldn't see what they were sampling, but the crowd was so dense I had to elbow my way past them.

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I'm going back today for more.  Watch for a full report here at Blog Appetit.  Meanwhile, what NEW food product do you wish would be introduced? 

Graphic credit:  NASFT

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