Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hunger Challenge 2011 - September 11-17

I just signed up for my fourth Hunger Challenge to help raise awareness of Hunger in America and support for local Food Banks.  If  you are interested in joining in (eating on a budget of $4.72 a day for a week), please check out the San Francisco Food Bank's Hunger Challenge sign up page.

I'll post lots more on how to find out information about your local food bank and more as we get closer to the Hunger Challenge (September 11-17).

You can read all about my other Hunger Challenge experiences at the links below, including recipes, shopping lists and more.

2008 - includes menus and recipes for breakfasts and recipes for Portuguese potato and greens soup, French country cheese pie, stuffed baked potato, Asian stir fry and fried rice, Hunger Challenge Chili, vegetable soup, and chicken stew
2009 - includes recipes for sweet and sour cabbage soup, tortilla lasagna, one-dish baked chicken and my favorite budget recipe of all time, Hunger Challenge Cassoulet.
2010 - includes how to shop Whole Foods on a budget, organic on $4 a day, keeping kosher on $4 a day and recipes for corn soup, pasta with peppers, onions and a hint of chicken, and stuffed cabbage

Every year I try to focus on balanced, good for you and good to eat menus that make the most of a food stamp budget ($3-$4 a year in past years, $4.72 in this year of rising food prices).  This year I will probably focus on vegan and ethnic foods since I've found that you can get more food that is healthier for you if you keep to beans and other non-animal sources of protein.  That is still to be determined but is partly decided because of my own "temporary" vegan diet for health and weight loss. 

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