Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'll have a side order of angst ...

What have I been eating lately? Nothing too impressive. Leftovers (cheese, hummus, stuffed grape leaves) from a friend's memorial service I helped organize the food for. What have I been cooking lately? Nothing too impressive. What have I been writing lately? Nothing too impressive. I have lots of ideas but life keeps getting in my way!

Work has been busy. The high school freshman has batting and baseball practice and games and schlepping him around has severely disrupted dinner time unless you consider Panda Express and take out pizza gourmet. The high school senior is having his own version of "March madness" while we wait to hear from the universities he has applied to. In addition, I have donated my services to cater a wine tasting fundraiser a group I belong to is holding this coming Sunday.

I'd ask for your sympathy, but I really can't, since part of the pressure is getting the house, kids, husband and business ready for my absence. I leave next week for 12 days in Lisbon, Seville and Madrid. I look forward to riding the wonderous Lisbon public transit system (trolleys and funiculars), hearing fado music, seeing authentic flamenco, and much, much more, including of course food. Look for reports after I get back on what I saw and ate and experienced. If you have any recommendations for what to see, eat or do in these cities (or what to avoid), please leave a comment for me below.

I hope to post a whole bunch of stuff before I go away and to make a post or two from the road, so watch this space.

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Amy Sherman said...

Have a an awesome time, Sevile is one of my favorite sities in the world.