Sunday, September 17, 2006

Newly Minted See's and Other Good Things to Read

I've been a busy little poster and wanted to share what I've created for you over at Sugar Savvy.

My latest piece is the weekly See's Candies tasting. This week in The Chocolate Box -- See's Candies Mint Chocolate Truffle. Take a bite into my review here.

Those of you who appreciate good chocolate might also enjoy my exploration of the San Francisco Chronicle's roundup of emerging artisian chocolatiers in the Bay area. Enjoy it all with photos and ordering information but without calories here.

From things that delight to things that go boo in the night, check out the candy frights being offered for Halloween in this article. You still have time to order if liquid candy blood, gummy fingers and peppermint "battys" are on your Halloween menu.

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