Saturday, September 09, 2006

Where the Boys Are

What's up with the Blog Appetit Boys?

Noah (aka The Future Pastry Chef) is putting together a resume to apply for a food service related job. He hopes he gets one where he gets to use a knife. He has started his sophomore year of high school. When bored he bakes. Last night it was brownies at 11 p.m. From our bed, we heard him exclaim sometime later that they were "delicious." I did wonder what kind of dreams I would have going to bed with the house full of chocolate baking smells. The only dream I remember is about running for a ferry, so I don't think the chocolate wafting upstairs gave me sweet dreams!

The older one moved into his college dorm three weeks ago and started his freshman year at what has been called the best public university in the U.S. (not that I'm proud of him or anything.) He is just 20 minutes away from home, but we all treat it like intersecting universes. He has his world, we have ours and we sometimes interconnect. We are lucky he calls us often and includes us in what's going on his life and laundry. He has taken some forays into cooking and asked for a pot and a can opener. Well, it's a start.

Noche the cat misses his special someone and is making up for it by being especially affectionate to those of us who remain at home. He is sleeping in the college boy's empty bed, but who wouldn't? With a memory foam mattress and a down comforter, its the cushiest place in the house.

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