Friday, January 05, 2007

The Nominees Are ... Live Links for the Food Blog Awards

Through the magic of copy and paste and way too much time spent doing other than productive work, Blog Appetit brings you clickable links to all the nominees for the Well Fed Network's 2006 Food Blog Awards.

If you have already checked out the voting, you know the sophisticated and clever program that records your vote and does not allow for voting early and often also does not permit live links so you can check out a blog you might not be as familiar with as you like.

As a public service, Blog Appetit has done all that copying and pasting for you (hopefully correctly), so check out the nominees here and then go and vote on Well Fed. Here's a link to the balloting. Polls close on January 9th at midnight EST.

Thanks to the folks at Well Fed Network for hosting this event. Leave me a comment if I've messed up or a link is off and I'll fix it.

Well, here they are. Get ready to give your back button a work out and get clicking.

Best Food Blog (hereafter referred to as BFB) -- Overall

Traveler’s Lunchbox (
La Tartine Gourmande (
Orangette (
The Passionate Cook (
Simply Recipes (

BFB -Chef

Corduroy Orange (
Aidan Brooks (
David Lebovitz (
Lovescool (
Eggbeater (

BFB - City

Becks ‘n Posh (
NYC Nosh (
Blue Lotus (
Kitchen Notebook (
Londonelicious (

BFB - Drinks

Vinography (
Cork Dork (
Spittoon (
Basic Juice (
The Pour (

BFB- Food Industry

The Food Section (
Eggbeater (
US Food Policy (
Tavern Wench (
Chef Manifesto (

BFB - Photography

Spittoon Extra (
Cook and Eat (
Eating Asia (
La Tartine Gourmande (

Please note: The following nominee has requested that Well Fed remove her blog from the list for personal reasons. I am leaving her link in so if you are not familiar with her work you can check it out for yourself. Please vote for one of the other four sites:
Nordljus (

BFB - Non Blogging

Food and Wine (
Cooking Light (
Chow (
Epicurious (
Leite’s Culinaria (

BFB - City

Becks ‘n Posh (
NYC Nosh (
Blue Lotus (
Kitchen Notebook (
Londonelicious (

BFB - Group

Hungry Magazine (
Chow Magazine’s Blog (
Slashfood (
The Ethicurean (
Lasang Pinoy (

BFB - Family/Kids

Vegan Lunchbox (
Sweetnicks (
Cooking with Anne (
Daily Tiffin (
Gastro Kid (

BFB - Humor

Acme Instant Food (
The Food Whore (
Smitten Kitchen (
Chef Manifesto (
Bonappegeek (

BFB- New

Everything Rachael Ray (
My Husband Cooks (
Aidan Brooks (
Pinch My Salt (
Jumbo Empanadas (

BFB - Original Recipes

Coconut and Lime (
Seriously Good (
Scrumptious Street (
Stephen Cooks (
The Passionate Cook (

BFB - Writing/Posts

These links didn't copy and paste correctly, however the Well Fed ballot does have live links to all the nominated posts. To go to the post, click here.

BFB - Recipes

Rice and Noodles (
Tartelette (
Orangette (
101 Cookbooks (
Appon’s Thai Food (

BFB - Restaurant Reviews

NYC Nosh (
Onokinegrindz (
Becks ‘n Posh (
DC Foodies (
Grab Your Fork (

BFB - Rural

I Heart Farms (
Lucullian Delights (
Gluten Free Goddess (
Field to Feast ( )
Farmgirl Fare (

BFB - Theme

Everything Rachael Ray (
Kalyn’s Kitchen (
Gluten Free Girl (
Meathenge (
Sushi Day (

BFB - Writing

Brandon Eats (
Kitchen Notebook (
Orangette (
Traveler’s Lunchbox (
Cream Puffs in Venice (

UPDATE: The above are for blogging achievements in 2006. Want to see the nominees for 2007? Click here.


Cate said...

Wow, Faith, you are awesome!

Kalyn Denny said...

It's so nice to see someone being pro-active at solving a problem! Great job!

Rachel said...

Thanks for this!

Ilva said...

Thanks a lot! This is truly useful!

Tracy said...

Thanks! This is awesome

Elise said...

Hi Faith,

The Everything Rachael Ray link is inaccurate and doesn't work. The correct link is

FJKramer said...

Thanks for the heads up.

I checked on the Rachael Ray links.
The address redirects you to the site, which opened fine for me from the link I copied from Well Fed when I tried it just now from my post. Who knows? Sweet mysteries of the internet, I abhore thee.

Elise said...

Hi Faith,
Hmm. When I tried it originally it gave me a 404 error. Good to see it's working now. Must be a Blogger Blip.

Jasmocha said...

Wish you had a category for Ethnic or Asian BFB.

FJKramer said...

Dear Jasmocha,
There are ethnic nominees (including Asian) in many categories. If you would like to suggest a separate ethnic or other category, please contact directly, I do not have anything to do with the awards themselves. I tried to email you with this info, but there wasn't an email address associated with your profile.
Take care,

Liz said...

Thanks for posting this.

Now I feel like a bigger heel for missing the voting deadline, but on the upside I get to check out all these swell sites!



Anonymous said... is that correct?

FJKramer said...

Dear Anon.,
This post was first published in 1/2007. All links were correct at that time. Pls. see the previous comments about the blogspot address.

thanks for stopping by.

Take care,