Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Top Chef Gone Crazy

No Sam in the finale?
Again, no Sam?
How could that be?

I know that the judges don't mark for cumulative scores or total excellence or the number of past wins or even winning personalities (except when they do) and that the producers' influence is a wild card, but still, no Sam?

Sam is a much more consistent, creative chef than either Ilan or Marcel. He is a proven kitchen leader. His food was just as raved about as Ilan's. I don't get it. He is much more versatile a cook than Ilan.

Marcel's one-trick wonder finally worked for him, so I can't complain about him (well, actually I can but I'm not wasting any time on it.)

Here's my totally paranoid take on it.

Judge Tom, still smarting from the producers' over ruling his wish to throw them all out after the hair shaving incident and make Marcel the defacto winner, engineers an Ilan over Sam win.(What's with Sam's dishes not being cooked so therefore inferior, I don't want to digress, but BOGUS. Also bogus, Elia's flavors not being Hawaiian enough, but Ilan's despite all the Spanish sausage, saffron, etc., was.) Ilan is not as strong as Sam so Marcel has a better chance of winning it all and all the pranksters end up punished anyway.

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ADP said...

100% agreed.

I think this was fixed now...I lost all respect for the show.

The reason for Sam being gone is that he didnt actually cook? 'Its cooking contest'? Silly me, I thought it was a CHEF contest.

Ilan cooked Spanish food. Again. He used Sapphron. Again.

Funny cause they looked at past wins for the Sam vs. Ilan thing...saying Sam won the most quickfire while Ilan won the most elimination. If they wanted to go to past dishes, Marcel shoulda left.

Sorry but its fixed, and im not watching the next Top Chef after that. I had my suspicions with Bravo when they sucked me into that Top Model crap, and the Michael dude was eliminated while the guy who was in the most bottom groups ended up winning the whole thing.

Fox's Hell's Kitchen was spot on for both seasons, with the right person winning.

Bravo needs to learn from that. they just wanted to play up to the Ilan bashing Marcel to death angle. For that, I hope Marcel wins.

Sorry for the long post.

Sam was screwed.