Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Belated Two-Year Blog- O-Versary

Yesterday the California Golden Bear football team blew its first chance at being ranked number one since 1951. I blew my chance to celebrate my second anniversary of blogging by going to the University of California at Berkeley homecoming celebrations and the game (won all too handily by Oregon State).

I wish I could say that that's the way I planned it, but no I just kind of spaced out on it and by the time we walked in the door after a long day of celebration and lamentation, I just watched an old movie and went to bed never once thinking of how my life changed with the creation of this blog.

Well, belated happy blog birthday to me. Some time yesterday my counter clicked to 45,000 page views. Since my counter was installed almost three months after the blog started, my actual page views are probably a bit higher than that. That's all the present I need, to know my words have been read by so many of you.

Here's what I wrote on my first blog-o-versary -- the sentiments still are very applicable.

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Ed Tep said...

Happy Belated Blog-O-Versary!