Thursday, November 15, 2007

Don't Call it Frisco

Blog Appetit is based out of the San Francisco Bay area but I have not really given the blog a real sense of place. I'd like to begin doing that. I've created a new category called "SF Bay Area" for people to click on to see every post on Blog Appetit on the subject. As I write more on the Bay area I may make a separate blog that links to Blog Appetit so I can give all the SF area posts more categorization.

I am looking to provide information for those searching the internet for news and tips about the Bay area, especially focused on food and food resources. I also would like to provide "news you can use" to those who live here on dishes, restaurants, people, places and resources they might not already know about.

I would also like to create a list of links for those who want to know more about the Bay area to use. I am looking for the quirky, the interesting, the only in the Bay area blogs or websites that really offer up solid info and recommendations and/or an interesting point of view. They need not be about food. If you have a recommendation for a link for this feature, please leave a comment below or email me through my profile.

More on this as I refine it.
About the photo: View of the Bay Bridge from AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants

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