Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Hunger Challenge -- How You Can Help

Update: Help the SF Food Bank and other area food banks get more chicken from Tyson. Here's what to do from the SF Food Bank website:

"Tyson Foods has offered to donate up to 200,000 pounds of high-quality, protein-rich foods to 6 San Francisco Bay Area food banks. Please help get this food on the trucks. Here's how you can help:
1) Go to the Tyson website.
2) Read the information about hunger in the Bay Area and post a comment. (NOTE: the format asks for an email address to prevent spam, but Tyson guarantees they will not harvest emails or use them for any other purpose whatsoever.)
3) Tyson adds another 100 pounds of high-quality, protein-rich foods (chicken, meatballs, lunchmeat, etc.) to trucks heading for 6 Bay Area food banks!"

Be sure to let your friends and colleagues know -- their comments are worth 100 lbs of chicken each!

Here's a post I kind of adapted from the San Francisco Food Bank Hunger Challenge blog on how you can help. In addition to the items below, you can also volunteer at the SF or your local food bank.

(Click here for info on food banks elsewhere.)

Donate: Contribute to the San Francisco Food Bank. For every $1 donated, the San Francisco Food Bank can provide $9 worth of food to the hungry.

Advocate: Contact your local elected officials about hunger issues.

Experience: Try eating on just a $1 a meal a person for a meal, a day a week. Blog about it or just share it with your friends and family. Consider donating the money you saved that meal, day, week to your local food bank. I bet you'll never look at food or think about the food stamps the same way again.

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