Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to the Future (of Food Products) - Fancy Food Shows Prelimminary Report

In just a few minutes I'll be off for my second day at the Fancy Food Show.
Some quick impressions (admittedly I've only seen have of the exhibits so far, though)

Year of the Organic Munchie -- Natural, good for you, good for the environment treats seem to be big -- lots of nuts, crackers, seeds, bars, dried fruit, etc. I was joking that it seemed to be the year of sticks and twigs when I saw a product labeled "Twigs and Sticks." Bonus karma points for high fiber, organic, fair trade and gluten free. Following up on the munchie theme -- a big display for "Hippie Chips" with lots of tye-died adorned hippie chicks handing out samples.

Year of the Rain Forest -- Lots of products from the Amazon, South and Central America

Best thing I put in my mouth -- Pistachio oil ice cream and VoVo's chocolates (details to come)

A sign of the times: Appears that there are less exhibitors, sample sizes seem smaller, and so far I haven't seem many luxe foods.

Update for day two

I did the South Hall, and there were all the truffled pates, rich cheeses and chocolates of my dreams missing from yesterday's trek through the North Hall, which had an organic and health focus. They were yummy. (FYI -- if you walked every section of the North Hall you covered 1.3 miles. I did it twice.)

Two of my favorites today were the goat cheese macarons at Fabrice Delicacies and the roast pork porchetta at Petite Porchetta. Info and links to come.

If my first day was the Year of Natural Munchies, the theme of the second seemed to be the Year of the Pig. Lots of observations and comments on that to come.

I also attended the independent Food Fete media event which featured Sub Rosa's wonderfully mysterious saffron vodka and other lovely products. More on that later as well.

Special shout out to my food blogging friends An Open Cupboard, Wasabimon, Heat Eat Review, Cooking with Amy, Candy Blog, The Picky Eater and others I spotted at the Fancy Food show or the Food Fete. And special thanks to the glamourous, marvelous and generous food writer Marlena Spieler for letting me stalk her the past few days.

More later!

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Dianne Jacob said...

Hey Faith,

Sorry to have missed you there. I went on a lark at the last minute.

Good assessment of the show. Lots of candy too, to make up for all that healthy food.