Friday, May 07, 2010

Oven-Roasted Sardines with Herbs, Lemon and Garlic

I hadn't planned on the sardines, but there they were, plump, fresh and inviting, snuggled cozily into beds of ice at the fishmongers. These beauties were economical, too, less than $5 for a pound. Plus they were relatively local, having been caught wild in the Pacific.

I had planned to grill them but my barbecue was unreachable through the piles of construction materials in the yard, so I ended up marinating them in olive oil and lemon juice with lots of fresh mint, parsley and garlic and roasted them in a very hot oven in the marinade. I served them with whole wheat pasta and a side dish of sauteed greens. Healthy for heart and soul.

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Penni Wisner said...

Oh boy, these are in inspiration. Penni