Monday, May 17, 2010

Tidings and Promises

Sorry to have been absent, but lots of doings here at the Blog Appetit household with the oldest son graduating college.

Watch for upcoming posts:

Chicken and Sausage Paella
Wot's for Dinner -- Easy Ethiopian Stews
Easy, Low Cost, Not-Quite Authentic Lasagna

(I still hope to post my recipe for Easy Vietnamese Pho and Tamarind Caramel Stir Fried Fish sometime soon.)

PLUS -- I have a lot of Asian cooking class info to post from last year and a new round of classes at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center is starting up. Plus I'm designing my first series of cooking classes. These will be on learning Jewish cooking if your mama (or grandma) never taught you. More on that collaboration with the Bridges interfaith group as it develops.

In addition, I have lots of thoughts on cookbooks borrowed, bought and swagged (i.e. given to me with the expectation I might eventually write about it) that I hope to find time to write about and let you know.

All this and I have my day job, too. (Not to mention a ton of contractors trying to fix those pesky roof leaks.) So, please keep watch and we'll be back in action soon.

Please leave a comment if any suggestions or questions about Blog Appetit or for me.

Thanks for reading Blog Appetit.
About the photo: Homemade yogurt cheese with olives, parsley and olive oil.

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