Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Blog-O-Versary

Today is my 6th anniversary of Blog Appetit.
I don't know the exact number because I changed over stat aps, but I'm closing in on or have just passed something like 300,000 page views.  It is humbling to have been able to share my ideas, recipes, appetites and passions with so many readers.

I hope to post a special anniversary post with a special recipe or two, but my time for blogging is a bit more limited now than it has been in the past.  Regardless if I get to write that post, I wanted to be sure to take time to thank those of you who read, comment, use my recipes, and support my causes for your time and consideration.  A special thank you to my regular readers and all those who follow me, subscribe to my RSS feed or have me bookmarked and the food bloggers with sites small and large for the support and inspiration they have given me throughout the years.

Thank you all so much.

Update: I did indeed post a celebration recipe -- Thai vegetable curry baked in a pumpkin. Hope you'll try it.


Dianne Jacob said...

Yay Faith! Congratulations for persevering for six years. There aren't very many of you in this category. I've enjoyed reading your posts over the years.

FJKramer said...

Thanks for always being there for me and giving me the recipe for successful food writing.

Kitchen Riffs said...

Six years! I'm impressed. Congrats. And thanks for writing - I thoroughly enjoy the good stuff you're doing here.