Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Ideas for Passover

A mufleta flatbread dripping with butter and honey for the post-Pesach celebration of Mimouna
My latest j. weekly pieces have some more tasty ideas for Passover and after -- including some recipes from the Moroccan tradition, a fish soup and a delightful poached fruit dessert.

This article, written for the j. weekly's Passover section, has recipes for a stellar sweet potato-pineapple bake, salmon baked in foil, a carrot salad and a recipe for mufleta, a post-Pesach Moroccan flatbread that is spread with honey and butter and is easy and addictive.  It is part of the Mimouna celebration.  I've also written about mufleta on Blog Appetit including an alternative recipe for the bread and two very different toppings - a sweet honey caramel and a savory eggplant conserve.

The second article in last Friday's j. weekly was my regular column where I featured the spicy fish soup and poached apricot recipes from noted food writers Levana Kirschenbaum and Jeff Nathan.

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