Sunday, July 02, 2006

Go Fourth and Grill (Veggie) Burgers This Holiday

As part of my duties at Paper Palate, I keep track of doings at Vegetarian Times magazine. Read my write up of their top veggie burgers here.

Their top pick is a bit of surprise, even to the VT taste team, it is a mock chicken patty. What ones am I looking forward to trying? Maybe the one that "tastes like a samosa," or maybe the best mushroom burger pick.

On a totally unrelated topic, the guys were out last night, so I rented "Mrs. Henderson Presents." Not much of a foodie movie (except for the whole tea thing) but it does a beautiful job of recreating late 1930s London. Warning, there is nudity (it is about an older woman producing variety shows with decorative female nudes in the background, after all), including a brief look of Bob Hoskins without briefs. Dame Judi Dench does the character of Mrs. Henderson justice, Bob seems a bit stilted (I expected a bit more fluid performance from Roger Rabbit's pal), and the musical hall acts are just charming. Lots of emotion, too.

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