Thursday, July 06, 2006

Not Quite Roughing It

It's time for the annual Kramer family vacation to the woods with no cell phone access, no computer access and no bathrooms or heat in our tent cabins. Oh, and no cooking for a week. We get three squares a day in the dining hall. It is a week of iceberg lettuce, too much salt, a lot of fat and not enough fiber and I love it -- no dishes for a week. Each night is a different cocktail party, though. Our group goes for champagne, cosmos, brie, smoked oysters and shimp cocktails with red licorice sticks and soda for the underage contingent. Others feature freshly blended frozen margaritas and there is always lots of chips.

Anyway, I've written my See's Candies reports in advance, so check in to Sugar Savvy each Friday to see what I've been tasting.

As usual, I have tons of material to share and no time to post. I apologize, appearances to the contrary, this really is a food blog!

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