Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baited and Switched

Because of my occasional techno fears, I had been approaching converting to "new" Blogger with an attitude reminiscent of a childhood TV ad (back when cigarettes could advertise on TV): "I'd rather fight than switch."

Blogger kept tempting me with goodies -- categories, no more coding to change templates and other features -- but I kept thinking of the pitfalls. Finally, a team blog I belong to, Food Blog Sc'ool, made the jump, so I decided if that blog with its more than 900 posts could convert successfully, who was I to hold on to the old-time, out-dated blogging programming? So just a few minutes ago Blog Appetit made the switch.

I haven't begun to play with the templates or categorize the various posts (referred to in Blogger-speak as "labels") but I hope to soon. So watch this space and please let me know if anything goes haywire and needs a fix.
Update: My son, ever clever, thought I should have titled this post: Beta'd and Switched. Wish I had thought of it first!

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