Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Slowdown

Actually my schedule seems to speed up during summer, which means the time I have available to write and post dwindles and my output slows down. Since the last entry I've been to a family camp for a week in the Sierras, Los Angeles for a family party and I leave soon for a week in Las Vegas for business. Then I'm home for a bit and we take off again to the family camp (our older son is a staffer). Then I'm off to visit my sisters back East. I look forward to fall as a vacation from my vacations.

I took this photo (I absolutely loved the sign) at Zuma Beach in Los Angeles. The food pretty much amounted to ice cream, chips, corn dogs and sodas, but the sign was great. If and when I ever do a major redesign, the photo is on the short list of graphics for the banner.

I have been eating, cooking, researching and interviewing (and of course taking photos) I hope to get caught up sooner or later.

Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am mine.

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