Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Hunger Challenge -- Photos and More from the Front Line

The Hunger Challenge sponsored by the San Francisco Food Bank is for bloggers and their readers to try, even for one meal, to eat on $1 a person a meal and then share the experience. The formal challenge begins September 21, but I got a head start and I can tell you the experience has changed me in a number of ways, one of those is to make me much more an anti-hunger activist than I already was. (To read about my initial experience, please click here.)

Please consider donating to the San Francisco Food Bank. Just click on the Hunger Challenge badge above. Every $1 you give buys $9 in food. To make donating even more enticing, Amy of Cooking with Amy has donated 12 cookbooks to go to the first 12 donors from this challenge donating $50 or more. To qualify, click on the badge/link above to go to the donation page. Fill out the necessary info and make a donation of $50 or more.
About two thirds of the way down the form, look for a header that says, “Food Drive/Event Information. Use the drop-down box to select “Bloggers Hunger Challenge.” Be one of the first 12 people to donate $50 or more and you’ll receive a free cookbook as a thank-you.

Other bloggers participating in this challenge besides Cooking with Amy are the newsletter from La Petit Appetit, Vanessa Barrington, Been There At That, and the Inadvertent Gardner.

Here is a slide show prepared by the San Francisco Food Bank showing some of the behind the scenes and clients it serves.

Please keep reading Blog Appetit for more on my experience and how you can help.

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San Francisco Food Bank said...

From SF Food Bank: Thanks so much for taking the Hunger Challenge and helping all of us better understand the issues facing low-income people. I walked through the Food Bank warehouse today and imagined how much some of the food we're distributing to neighborhood pantries would have helped you this week. I know it would have made a difference - and that means it's really making a difference to food bank clients. More and more people are coming to our pantries due to the economic crisis and skyrocketing food prices. In August we distributed 7% more food than the same month a year ago.