Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Argentina Picks from Epicurious (And Me) -- Where, What to Eat

Long-time readers know I am in love with all things Argentina after my trip last year to Buenos Aires. Here's a link to an Epicurious round up of all things delicious in Argentina I thought would add to what I've written. See below for more of my suggestions.

Some comments on the article -- I ate at Bio, the organic restaurant and had a coconut caramel flan that was gilded with a large scoop of dulce de leche. I probably ate Argentinean gelato at Freddo (or a similar chain) because I ate it everywhere. The helado were scrumptious everywhere. They are made in a gelato style but without heavy cream, so they are relatively lighter in texture and fat. I also recommend Sanjuanino for empandas.

Some other of my top faves not listed in the link: Cooking with Teresita (learn to make your own empanadas) and the private restaurant experience at Casa Saltshaker.

For more on my visit to Buenos Aires and environs, click here.

About the photo: Inside the market in the San Telemo neighborhood in Buenos Aries.

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