Sunday, February 03, 2013

Not Just San Francisco Treats for the Super Bowl

Bowl of my Not-Juse-For-Tourists Cioppino for a Super Bowl feast
Today's the day for Super Bowl XLVII  and if you are still undecided about what to serve here are a few ideas on what to cook up for the big day.

For some tasty (and different dip ideas, check out my column at the j weekly for three different dip ideas -  a spicy pumpkin (or butternut squash) one,  a colorful hummus with the kick of horseradish, and a tangy and different tahini spread.   See those recipes here.

Having lived in both San Francisco and Baltimore, I can tell you Super Bowl food doesn't really vary that much, but both cities have regional specialties with crab being big in both locations.

Other regional treats are based on local ethnic specialties.

One of San Francisco's famed dishes combines both into cioppino, a seafood stew. 
You can see a recipe and discussion about that on Blog Appetit here.

Writing this post made me realize how little I've written about my time eating my way around Baltimore.  I will need to correct that!  Anyway, here's a wonderful oven-fried chicken recipe that always brings Baltimore back to mine and would work well for a Super Bowl party.  Try adapting it for chicken wings, drumsticks or tenders for more party friendly food.

One last thought -- the party is in New Orleans - why not make a King Cake.  The King Cake is a favorite of Mardi Gras and contains a small "prize" of a bean, nut or tiny plastic baby. (Be sure to warn eaters to watch out for it so they don't hand you a super dentist bill.)  They are decorated with purple, gold and green colored sugar or icing.  Now king cakes can be a lengthy process, so I suggest just subbing out a bundt cake (I won't tell if you use a mix) and add  a bean or plastic baby (or maybe even a plastic football???) and decorating it either Madri Gras or team colors.  To see the King Cake I made with links to the recipes I used, click here.

What I'm I making.

My husband and I are going to two separate parties. (Long story.)

Anyway - for his I'm making slow cooked pomegranate molasses pulled turkey with Asian slaw sliders.  For mine, which is more of a sit down meal, I'm bringing a green salad and butternut squash-greens baked vegan mac and cheese.  If the recipes come out, you can be sure they will eventually make there way to the blog.

Who am I rooting for having lived in both places?  The Niners.  When I lived in Baltimore it was the Colts, baby.  The city was bereft when they pulled out.  I'm glad for Baltimore area folks they have such a great team in the Ravens, but when it comes to the Super Bowl, it's nevermore.

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