Thursday, May 15, 2008

How Hot Is It?

The San Francisco Bay area is HOT HOT HOT. Temperatures in our "naturally air conditioned" setting are in the 90s. The further you are from the Bay, the hotter (in the 100s) it gets.

Now, I know other places regularly get this hot or hotter, but we really don't and sometimes, well sometimes, it seems like it makes us cranky.

Here's a link to some cooling, cold or chill (no cook) recipes on Blog Appetit. If you have some of your own you'd like to share, please add them to the comments below.

Try my adaptation of Chocolate and Zucchini's zucchini appetizer here.
My ever popular Vietnamese spring or summer rolls are here.
My nice cold New York Style Chocolate Egg Cream drink is here.
Look through this for my sorbet recipes including herbal tea, tangerine and lychee.

One solution to beating the heat is to grill. If you do, try my grilled salad.

Stay cool.


Abby said...

It's not hot here yet, but it's on its way. And it's not the heat that's so bad, it's that darn Southern humidity! It makes us ladies glisten, ya know.

FJKramer said...

Well, now it is about 40 degrees cooler here in the roller coaster weather of the Bay area, so I am no longer "glowing" and now crave hot tea and soup!