Saturday, May 31, 2008

Reflections on 75,000+ Page Views

It’s taken me a while to figure out what my food blogging niche could be. I always knew that I was writing to share what I’ve experienced and learned and I wasn’t so much concerned with pigeon holing my interests, which, to be honest, are probably too diverse for my own good. Perhaps my lack of a narrower focus has cost me. Certainly blogs that tend to be more definable than mine sometimes have a larger, more regular group of readers than I do. (Although, please know I appreciate everyone who finds his or her way to Blog Appetit.) I was not, and am not now, looking to define myself that way, however. So it has been only in retrospect, going back and looking at what I’ve written, recipes I’ve created and the food I’ve eaten that I finally got it – I’m an ethnic eater and my blog reflects that. From French to Portuguese to Vietnamese to Chinese to Jewish, my food circles the globe. While I try to focus on local ingredients, I am willing to reach across the nation or the world for an occasional ingredient or seasoning to make my food if not authentic, true to the taste and cultural palate of the cuisine I’m working with.

I’m not looking to relaunch Blog Appetit as an ethnic food blog. While much of what is archived here is ethnic food, there is also plenty about California farm stands, local food festivals and whatever else catches my eye, engages my mind and/or tempts my taste buds.

Thanks for reading Blog Appetit and helping push it well past 75,000 page views since January 2006.

6/2 -- Just had another thought Blog Appetit is also very much about soups and stews. Especially ethnic soups and stews, so I guess that's another way to categorize myself I'm ignoring.

6/7 -- More thoughts -- I'm going to freshen up the old blog after all. Watch for a new look, a new description (I'm toying with All the World's a Plate or maybe the Wide, Wide World of Food instead of Read. Think. Eat., but I'm open to suggestion), some new features and more of the diverse recipes and writings that make Blog Appetit, well, Blog Appetit.

6/11 -- I found this post from Delicious Days helpful as I deal with my blogging angst and decide how to make Blog Appetit as relevant as I can within the (wide) boundaries of what interests me. my limited time to learn new tech stuff and my work, family, volunteer, etc. time constraints.

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