Thursday, June 19, 2008

Five or Less Challenge

I've been inpsired by One Hot Stove's July Monthly Blog Patrol Challenge --- find a recipe from a food blog I read that is five ingredients or less --- Here's the info from OHS on her challenge and round up rules (deadline is July 25, 2008).

The round up got me thinking, just how elaborate are my recipes? While many are homey, comfort foods, most require more than five ingredients just because of the seasonings. Only fat, including oils and cooking spray, salt, and water or broth or exempt from the five-ingredient count.)

To bad the number of ingredients wasn't seven, I'd have a lot of contenders, I just use so many darn spices and herbs! Here's a few of my recipes that make the count: green chicken soup; NY-Style Chocolate Egg Cream and Jody's Mom's Grilled Salad.

I hope to participate in the round up myself and will post what I make.

Anyone have any five-ingredients or less recipes from the blog-o-sphere that they would recommend? Let me know.

Update: Well, I found a recipe from for sliced green beans and carrots. Simple but sounded perfect as a side dish. Unfortunately I ran out of time with all my travels and won't be able to post it.
About the photo: FIVE cabbages in old town Lisbon

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Nupur said...

Looking at your blog, I can tell that you enjoy bright, bold flavors. I have come across quite a few recipes that look interesting in the "five or less" department like this onion butter (made only with onions) or this fennel salad or this raspberry coulis, made with only raspberries and sugar.
I do hope you get a chance to participate :) Thanks for writing about this event!