Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Breaking News - My Budget Cuisine Tips Featured in SF Weekly

Because of my work with the SF Food Bank and the Hunger Challenge, I was interviewed for tips on how to eat on a budget by SF Weekly. Here's a link to the article on SFWeekly's on line site.

The paper also included a recipe of mine -- Portuguese Potato and Greens Soup.

You can find all my posts on the Hunger Challenge ($1/person/meal) here.

Hunger Challenge participants Amy Sherman (, Genie Gratto (, also contributed recipes and interviews to the article.
Other hunger challenge participants were: La Petit Appetit, Vanessa Barrington, Been There At That, and Pop Consumer.

We formed a supportive network and working together helped make a difference. It was a great experience for a great cause.
I have not finished labeling all the recipes I consider on the thrifty side, but you can get a taste of them under the budget cuisine category.

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