Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Breaking News -- Hershey to Close Bay Area Artisan Chocolate Factories

After swallowing up the famed Joseph Schmidt (San Francisco) and Scharffen Berger (Berkeley) chocolate concerns, Hershey's decided to change what made those businesses great -- the giant confectionery company is closing the artisan plants and consolidating their production at an Illinois facility. No loss of quality expected by the kindly conglomerate when chocolate making transfers next year to giant production facility from smaller, hand-crafted ones.

Read all about it here.

Here's the Hershey press release which talks about profits and sales increases and mentions closing two unnamed plants as it consolidates its Artisan Chocolate subsidary. (Guess we know know which two plants they mean.)

California, already hard hit by job losses, loses another 150 jobs. The Bay area loses a tasty piece of its soul. Losing locally made truffles is not a trifle out here.


H.Peter said...

And somehow the Canadian distributor of that great chocolate maker dumped their inventory at Dollarama for a 1.00!

Can you belive it? A buck for chocolate heaven?

Anonymous said...

I see Hershey is moving their York Peppermints to Mexico and closing another plant. Well that is wonderful! I love chocolate, but I will no longer be buying the Hershey brand. Just like when Kraft moved the LifeSavers brand out of the country, I stopped buying Kraft products. Some how these companies need to get the message that this is not acceptable.