Thursday, February 05, 2009

Celebrate World Nutella Day

Into every life a little Nutella must spread.
If that's not the motto of World Nutella Day, it should be.

For those of you who are somehow outside the loop -- Nutella is an addictively delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread made by Ferrero of Italy.

Today's event and round up are being sponsored by Ms. Adventures in Italy and Bleeding Espresso, who will be presenting roundups of all the spoon-licking fun.

Which brings me to my favorite Nutella recipe. Open jar. Insert spoon. Lick said spoon. Repeat. Hide empty jar until you can sneak it out in the recycling

A Nutella crepe was the very first thing I ate on in France on my last trip to Paris. The stand was across from the Eiffel Tower. It doesn't get any better than that.
About the photo: The Paris crepe stand's supply of Nutella.

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Susan @ SGCC said...

We must be twins separated at birth! Right out of the jar is my favorite way to enjoy Nutella too. Aaaaand, the very first thing I ate on my first trip to Paris was a Nutella filled crepe too! :D