Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Support Your Local Newspaper

You need your local newspaper more than you probably realize.

While the death of newspapers has been predicted ever since I was in j-school (oops communications school) way back when, now they are really in trouble.

I'd love to write more about how I love the smell of ink and newsprint in the morning and more, but time has been so short lately.

Go out and buy a local newspaper today (often Wednesday you'll get a food section, too, as a bonus) before it is too late.


About the -3o-: -30- or ### at the end of what you have written (well when we used typewriters anyway) are traditional print journalism ways to signify the end of your article (or more accurately, copy). Let's hope we aren't heading towards -30- of newspapers and what they contribute to our on-line and off-line communities.

I remember years ago all the moaning about what it meant for expression and news and viewpoints when most big cities in America went to one daily newspaper. Can you imagine what it would be like without any?

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