Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pancake Day

I just learned today is Shrove Tuesday (we'll it's NOT on my Manischewitz holiday calendar), thanks to food blogging Twittering tweeps. The day is also known as Pancake Day in some parts of the British Commonwealth, since in those lands the traditional way to celebrate this is with pancakes.

Wish I had known that when I was at Trader Joe's this a.m. They had a interesting looking maple-flavored agave nectar for sale in the new item section. I thought it would make a swell pancake topping, but since I had no plans to make pancakes, I just couldn't find a reason to pay the $3.49 (or was it $2.49) for it. Maybe its just as well I didn't buy it since the idea behind the fat and egg laden flapjacks, crepes and similar treats is to USE up ingredients traditionally frowned upon during the more austere diets of Lent.

I'll take any excuse for pancakes for dinner, so it seems like the kind of holiday food I'd flip for (sorry about the pun).

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FJKramer said...

I went back to Trader Joe's to by the syrup and the first ingredient was cane sugar. Now cane sugar is the best, but if you want agave syrup for its gylcemic factor why on earth would you want cane sugar in there.

Long story short -- didn't buy it