Sunday, April 23, 2006

Guy is the New Guy on Food Network

Well, between Guy and Reggie, I was pulling for Guy to be the next Food Network Star. I think Reggie's recipes were more there, but that Guy was the much more appealing showman.

The question, for me at least, would I watch his show?
Probably not, unless he had some on- camera visits to interesting places and interviews.

Whose show did I really want to watch?


(I can't believe I watched the whole thing. How about you?)


Sarah and Tiggy said...

I couldn't get through even one episode of this show... Idon't know why. I love reality tv and watch top chef religously. But this show was too boring!

BNA said...

Oh, I'm with you -- Guy was the one to pick over Reggie, but would I watch his show? Highly doubtful. And certainly not unless he stopped shouting "Off the hook!"