Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Suck It Up: National Licorice Day

What's red and black and good all over? Red Vines.

In honor of National Licorice Day, I checked out the Red Vines website. You can read my report here at Sugar Savvy.

One use for the Red Vine twists I didn't include in my Sugar Savvy post is as straws. The twists are hollow and preteens and teenagers seem to like to bite off the ends and use the candy as straws to sip their sodas. Lemon-lime soda and red Red Vines make a good combination. I've seen root beer and red Red Vines combined, but that sounds much less appealing. I've never actually tried this myself, you understand, but I've been at parties where a four-pound tub of the red Red Vines is pretty much consumed this way. I have never seen black Red Vines (the ones with the actual licorice flavor) used as straws, but it doesn't mean you couldn't create some intriguing flavor combinations.

One mystery remains. Why are black Red Vines called Red Vines? Alas, the Red Vines website didn't offer any clues.

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