Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Real or Reality -- Food Network's Talent Show

Anyone else watching the "Search for the Next Food Network Star?' I am pretty resistant to reality shows, but since stumbling on this one mid series I've been hooked.

One thing I take away from this stage-managed entertainment show to share is the concept of finding a vision that communicates your personality, reflects your passion, engages others and is consistent. Not much different than what it takes to create an involving food blog, or any other project food or not.

Who knew you could learn something real from a reality show?

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Mindy T. said...

While recovering from a traumatic dental procedure (sniff), I watched 4 back-to-back episodes of this series. Don't even know when the final decision will be made, but it was fun to watch the process of elimination. I found myself wondering how I would handle those challenges. I personally was rooting for Carissa (sp?) and was a bit miffed when she was booted. I don't think I'd enjoy watching either of those 2 finalists very much, but since when has popular culture done anything we me in mind... Thanks for a fun blog.