Sunday, May 07, 2006

Meet Guy, Just a Regular Guy Who Happens to be the Next Food Network Star

Paper Palate has published my article about a local newspaper's coverage of Guy Fieri, the rocking and rolling, bbqing and sushi rolling winner of Food Network's Next Food Network Star.

Read all about it here. Want my take on Guy's win? Click here and here.

Update:  Well, all Paper Palate links are dead, dead, dead. Normally I'd give a link to the post on the wonderful wayback archive, but the crawl containing that link is contaminated or ill or just shy and it won't come up.  Here is an excerpt from that post to hold you over until I can get the whole thing:

The San Francisco Chronicle recently published an ode to a regular guy, Guy Fieri, winner of Food Network’s Next Food Network Star, who is proud of his California roots and who is an integral part of his Santa Rosa, CA hometown. The article, by Peter Hartlaub, dominated the front of Datebook, the paper’s feature section.
Guy, photographed in all his “off the hook” glory holding a guitar signed by Sammy Hagar being used as a platter to display samples of his no-holds barred sushi, is a popular guy in his hometown. He is well known for his personal and corporate generosity in the town, as well as for his restaurants, including Tex Wasabi’s, which features barbecue and sushi on its menu.
The town was 100 percent behind Guy. The owner of the local movie theater posted “Vote for Guy” messages on the marquee and a local radio show host promoted him as well. A local construction company used a sign it owns near the freeway to get out the Guy vote. Supposedly a Santa Rosa high school principal used the intercom to remind students to text message their votes in to Food Network.

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