Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yiddisha "Mama" Wants You to Essen*

*Most of my post titles need a bit of translation or at least explanation anyway, but this one needs more than most. The Yiddisha "Mama" (mama is in quotes because I'm not sure if she is a mother) is The Chocolate Lady. Essen means eat. So this is a roundabout way of introducing a new food blog to my blog roll (look to the right for links).

The Chocolate Lady's blog, In Mol Araan, is mostly in English, with some Yiddish thrown in. I can't read her Yiddish postings, but I really appreciate her thoughtful, well-researched posts with their delicious recipes and wonderful photos.

She describes In Mol Araan as being "about food and words in Yiddish and English including but not limited to cooking, recipes, culinary lexicography, delights and curiosities of the plant world, and cookbooks."

Many of her posts and recipes reflect her Jewish sensibilities and heritage. Others just explore a particular ingredient or life experience.

Check her out at In Mol Araan. (FYI - In Mol Araan means "mouthful.")

Update: On 5/19/06 I had a chance to have lunch with "The Chocolate Lady" who was visiting northern California. She was fun to talk with and eat with. I especially enjoyed how consciously she ate and how aware and appreciative she was of her food and the labor and ingredients that go into it. It's nice to now know the face and personality that go along with the screen name.

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