Thursday, May 11, 2006

Quickie Top Chef Report

Did you see the Top Chef Reunion Show on Bravo last night?

The youngest son and I did and I have to admit it was pretty much a waste of time.


Well it was manipulative TV without telling you anything new. Following the Project Runway model, the production seems based on getting the participants not just drunk but wasted with the hope they'll say something that makes good TV. Also, suddenly Dave dresses like Cary Grant and Stephen looks like a slob. Do I see the fine hand of pr and image consultants? I will say Dave's dandruff showed up on his suit and Stephen seemed like more of an actual human being. Oh, and there is a whole lot of Mrs. Billy Joel and not enough Chef Tom.

In other highlights, Harold and Andrea continued to be the classiest contestants. Ken Lee remained the most marginal. I could have lived a long and happy life without the Miguel fart compilation/highlight. Tiffani was the one the others ganged up on and the one who left the set and had to be coaxed back.

Just in case the buzz wore off, the producers kept the chefs well lubricated even when the contestants were on camera. Even Stephen was seen swigging wine or maybe champagne directly out of the bottle.

The whole thing just seemed like a ramp up for the two part finale and had no merit on its own.

Tune in next week to see if the show gets cooking.

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