Monday, October 30, 2006

Craving Pumpkins?

Thanks to the Bravenet counter I slapped on this site 10 months ago, I can track back to where some of my visitors come from. Because I use the free version I can only track the last 10 views, so it is an imperfect glance at my audience at best.

(Don't worry, I can't tell who you are, what your email or isp account is or anything devious like that, but I can tell what your search words were or what the referring website was. If you typed in the address or clicked in from your favorites or bookmarks, I can't see you at all.)

The last few days little old Blog Appetit has been seeing lots of visitors who are searching for pumpkin info. Some, like those looking for pumpkin chili or how to cook pumpkin, make sense. Blog Appetit does that all here.

But I've gotten a large number of page views from folks looking for "pumpkin craving." I guess the search engines didn't correct the misspelled craving for carving and since I have a post that contains both the words pumpkin and craving, Google directed you right to my door step.

Well, if you are here because you crave pumpkins, welcome. We all crave pumpkins sometimes, especially around Halloween and Thanksgiving. And sometimes we even carve the pumpkins we crave.

Photos of pumpkins and squash taken at the October 29th farmers market in the Montclair District of Oakland, CA.


Elizabeth said...

It's really interesting to note the keywords that bring people to one's site, isn't it? I have an eXTReMe tracking counter on mine and am constantly surprised to see that people are searching for either "poutine" or "Canadian food". Remarkably, there was a search for "moms pumpkin pie" on 30 Oct mixed in with the several searches for "Canadian food" (whatever that is! :D).


P.S. Our jackolantern is now broken up and lying in a forlorn heap in the composter. But now I too craving an edible pumpkin or two!!

the chocolate doctor מרת שאקאלאד said...


I've gotten folks searching for some odd stuff too, most recently "pink world".
Slim pumpkin pickin's in the east this fall--so much rain in the early summer.