Saturday, February 17, 2007

See's Candies Trivia Questions and Answers

A few weeks ago I posted a trivia contest in my regular See's Piece by Piece post on Sugar Savvy. Well, we have a winner!

Here's the link with the name of the winner, the five things I learned from doing 52 See's Piece-by-Piece posts and the top candies in my taste testing. I've since thought of a sixth thing I've learned from writing these pieces: Everything looks more appealing in brown fills and/or a white box.

Here are the 10 contest questions, see if you know your See's Candies' trivia. If you need help, all the answers can be found by searching Sugar Savvy and the previous See's Piece by Piece posts. You can find them by searching on See's on the site or clicking on The Chocolate Box category and reading through them that way.

If you want the answers without the work, click on the comments below. I'll post them there. No peeking now.

Here are the 10 questions from the Sugar Savvy quiz:

1. What year did Charles See start See’s Candies and begin selling his products in Los Angeles, CA?

2. What was the name of Charles’ mother, who provided the company’s first recipes?

3. What brand of chocolate does See’s Candies use in its confections?

4. What popular TV show featured a scene based on the See’s Candies’ production line?

5. What is the name of the newest milk chocolate candy introduced by See’s? (Hint: It is a name used for men, women and places.)

6. How many calories in a serving (two pieces) of See’s Candies’ candy?

7. Name of the author of the book See’s Famous Old-Time Candies: A Sweet Story.

8. Name See’s three flavors of fudge.

9. What brand of sugar does See’s Candies use?

10. Name the See’s Candies’ confection that has beef as an ingredient.

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FJKramer said...

Here's the answers to the See's Candies Trivia Questions:

1. 1921

2. Mary Sees

3. Guittard

4. I Love Lucy

5. Beverly

6. 160

7. Margaret Moos Pick

8. Vanilla Walnut, Chocolate Walnut and Bordeaux Pecan

9. C & H Pure Cane Sugar

10. Dark Chocolate Mincemeat