Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Now, Fresh News on Blog Appetit

News Flash! The Newsroom.com is now offering news feeds to websites at no charge. To take advantage of the service, I'll post a Fresh News update whenever I find something that either relates to food, blogging or my world view.

Look to the side bar to the right to catch your fresh news. (Note, I might move the news feed to the bottom of the page in the future.)

Let me know if it causes the page to go berserk in your browser, give me feedback on the feed or tell me anything else about the items by commenting below or emailing me through my profile.

Want to get some fresh news on your site? Go to The Newsroom to sign up and you can get free use of AP, Reuters and other syndicated or wire news services. The feed will include an ad (the first to appear in Blog Appetit which I honestly would prefer not to have) which includes a percentage back to you.

Update: Some with Firefox weren't able to properly see this feature in the sidebar, so I moved it to under the footer. Let me know what you think. I still don't like having the ads and I don't have much control over the layout, which looks sloppy to me, but being able to post news stories gives me another way to be topical, offer interesting content and fulfill my inner need to play publisher. Update on the Update: The news items are back on the side bar, but as a LINK. No more messy layout or annoying ads on Blog Appetit itself. I save all that for the blog I created to host items such as this. (March 2 07)
Update: They are gone, not worth the trouble.
About the photo: Fresh fish in the Lisbon public market. The connection -- the "unofficial" motto of my college newspaper (NYU's Washington Square News): Today's News, Tomorrow's Fish Wrap.

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