Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tortilla Lasagna and February Vegetarian Times on Paper Palate

Over on the Well Fed Paper Palate site, I've got a post on the February issue of Vegetarian Times with my adaption of a VT's lasagna recipe that uses corn tortillas instead of pasta. (Also posted there is a much tastier photo of a slice of the lasagna.)

I hope you'll check out the post as well as try the recipe. I adapted it for microwave cooking and it was easy, healthy and fairly quick. I did saute the vegetables in a regular fry pan, but if you are inclined you could do that cooking in the microwave as well.

For the post and recipe, please click here.

A few notes:
  • I used white corn tortillas, which I thought worked particularly well in terms of adding that taste of corn, but keeping it subdued.
  • Leftovers were even better the next day. The flavors of the chard, corn and sauce really continued to mesh.
  • I used a prepared spaghetti sauce that featured a spicy red pepper note. I highly recommend using something similar and spicing up the sauce you do use. It played well off the corn notes and helped cut through the richness of the dairy.
I also think the flavor profile in this recipe/technique could be adapted to give you more of a Mexican, Spanish or Latin dish.
Update: March 4 07 -- Vegetarian Times posted this as its recipe of the week, so if you'd like to see the recipe as it originally appeared, click here. For my adaptation, see the Paper Palate post.
Note: 9.09 -- the link to seems to be broken. Use this one or see the variation here. (posted as part of Hunger Challenge 2009)
10.26.11 - All the Well Fed links are gone.  The wonderful Way Back Machine archived the post, though. You can see the recipe and write up  here.

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