Saturday, March 17, 2007

Eat My Words -- Diner Speak

For a non-virtual writing assignment I have been researching diners. I was charmed by the colorful code or language waitresses and cooks developed over the years. See if you can answer these Diner Speak Questions correctly. Answers are in comments.

1. Which of these terms does not refer to a hot dog?

A. Ground Hog
B. Coney Island Chicken
C. Dog and Maggot
D. Bloodhounds in the Hay

2. A soup jockey is a ________________.

A. Patron that orders soup
B. Cook who prepares soup
C. Waitress who brings soup

3. Which of these terms does not refer to a hamburger?

A. Cowboy
B. Hockey puck
C. Chewed with Fine Breath
D. Burn one

4. What exactly are these desserts?

A. Nervous pudding
B. Eve with a lid
C. Bucket of cold mud
D. Fish eyes

5. What are these drinks?

A. Windmill Cocktail
B. Adams Ale
C. City Juice
D. Dog Soup

For more diner slang, you can click here (which is where these terms came from).
Photo credit: Hangar Hotel


FJKramer said...

Answers to Dinner Speak Questions

1.C -- term means cracker and cheese
2. C
3. D - cowboy is a western omlet
4. A-jello, B-apple pie, C-chocolate ice cream, D-tapioca pudding
5. All terms refer to a glass of water

Brilynn said...

I definitely didn't get all of those right.

My books arrived today from amazon, THANKS!!!