Sunday, March 04, 2007

Potatoes Plus Sauce Base Equals Almost Free Soup

I needed soup and I needed it fast. Today's quickie soup inspiration -- a carton of fresh cioppino base (a tomato and vegetable sauce for a seafood stew or soup). I got mine fresh from Safeway, but Trader Joe's sells a jarred version and I've seen others around. It is part of Safeway's fresh signature soup line and lists for only $2.99, but it is on sale for $2.99 OFF through March 6th, so if you act quickly it costs you nothing.

I tossed mine in a pan, dropped in about a half pound of cubed, cooked potatoes and heated it all through. (The Safeway cioppino base was only 25 ounces, so adjust your add ins accordingly.) Tasty, spicy soup!

It would also work well with cooked crabmeat (real or krab).

If you are a Manhattan clam chowder fan like me, it would also make a good base for that.

Or, you could also make it into a real cioppino.

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