Thursday, March 01, 2007

25,000 Page View Landmark -- Or a Plea for You to Bookmark Me (Just Kidding about the Bookmark, But Why Not?)

Dear Readers,

I am very proud to announce that sometime yesterday, Blog Appetit passed the 25,000 page view mark (since the counter was installed in January 2006). The actual number is higher, since the blog was started a few months prior to the counter installation.

About 15-25 percent of those each day are from readers who have clicked my way before (thank you, thank you), but many come in response to searches for topics I have written about. My top searches seem to be calories or nutrition in See's Candies, callao soup, Asian soup or lemongrass soup or Asian noodle soup (or some similar combination) and Asian or Vietnamese spring rolls. Seasonal favorites include peppermint bark and pumpkins. If you are on this post because it included these topics and popped up on your search, my apologies. I do write about all these things, please search the blog on the search bar at the top of the page and you'll find them all.

While I am pleased to be an information provider to so many, I really aim to provide a varied, interesting, useful and entertaining content to regular readers who can follow my foibles, adventures and my sometimes twisted train of thought ( I once thought this blog should be called "But, I Digress"). So if you got here because of a specific subject search, I hope you'll take a moment to click here and see what's on my main page today.

If you are reading this as a regular Blog Appetit reader, thanks so much for your patronage. Please feel free to leave a congratulatory message, a rant or rave, suggestions, comments or a link back to your blog (if you have one) as a comment below or email me through my profile.

In the spirit of the award season, I'd like to thank all those you have made this achievement possible:

Gary, Mr. Blog Appetit, for his support and continual interest in what I am making for dinner.
Noah, The Future Pastry Chef, for his willingness to provide copy, go food shopping with me and share my passion for the web and the kitchen.
His Brother, who named the blog and always has good ideas and for pushing me to make the best damn grilled cheese sandwich I could.
My mother, of blessed memory, for inspiring me to be fearless in the kitchen and to stand up straight.
Food Blog Sc'ool for being there when things got tough as a resource, sounding board and for providing a sense of community. And, to the Bay Area food bloggers and all other food bloggers (and blog readers) out there, for making my virtual world almost as rewarding, exciting and tasty as my non-virtual one.

(Cue: Swelling Music to Drone out Overly Long Post)

Blog Appetit exits stage left, tearfully clutching a print out of her counter statistics.

"You read me, you really read me!"

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