Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's My Blog-o-versary and I'll Get a New Domain Name if I Want To!

Yes, it's been five years since Blog Appetit was launched with its first post (Testing.Testing.).  Some things haven't changed, like my commitment to original recipes, food education, celebrating locally sourced food, attempting to grow as a writer and recipe developer, trying to improve my photos, exploring new cuisines, trying to put ethnic food in a cultural or at least personal context and promoting food justice.

Other things have changed a lot.  My first blog description was Food Views, Muse and News You Can Use (or something like that), replaced by Read. Think. Eat.  I like to think I got it right on the third try:  Cooking Local. Eating Global. (If you don't  know what I'm referring to, it's the line that appears right below the words Blog Appetit in the header.)

Another big change is that as of today, I'm publishing at my own custom domain.  The new web address is If you link to me over at, don't worry, everything should refer.  (Please note that since it took me hours and hours today to get this set up right and there have been random glitches, so there is always a chance the domain could end up off line a bit as everything gets jiggered into place.  If that happens, check back on the blogspot address until the snafu is corrected.) Just found a glitch -- my blog search isn't functioning correctly yet.

Another part of my blog-o-versary celebration is the beginning of a special project about how families and individuals from around the U.S. and elsewhere celebrate Shabbat.  If you would like to participate in that, please read this post for more information.

Oh, and a special shout out to my friends from Blogher Food 2010 (particularly Copykat) who convinced me to take a deep breath and get my own domain.

Here's a few of my favorite blog posts.  Give them a read and let me know what you think.  Thanks for clicking in for these past five years.  I look forward to many more.

A trip back in time in Tombstone AZ and a buffalo burger recipe
The food of Jewish Shanghai and a sweet and sour fish recipe
Jewish delis -- they weren't just about the food -- and a chopped liver recipe

Photo by Bonnie Burt


Dianne Jacob said...

Congratulations, Faith! I've only been blogging for a year and don't know how you've been able to keep it up for five. Takes a huge commitment and the ability to keep coming up with something to say, I suppose. You've got it in spades.

FJKramer said...

Blush. Dainne, Thanks. You are the one that made me feel like I could do this and continue to provide inspiration, support and guidance.