Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Two Month Birthday

Blog Appetit is two months old today.

In honor of the event, here is some random Blog Appetit trivia.
Read carefully, there could be a test.

The first posting read "Testing, Testing"
Blog Appetit was named by one of my teen-age sons (ironically, the non-foodie one).
The very first blog I read was Chocolate & Zuchinni.
Blog Appetit has a related blog called I Wanna a Be a Food Writer with my musings on that topic. (see links)
I live in Oakland, California, in the San Francisco Bay area.
In the last year I have traveled to Paris, Vietnam, NY and San Diego. Next year I hope to go to Portugal and Spain.
I have a black cat named Noche.
The first two comments on the site were spam, which have since been deleted.
I don't have a favorite color, restaurant or food, although I'll rarely turn down something pink, chocolate or French. I also have a hard time passing by a taco truck. And champagne. I usually don't pass that up, either. I like my martinis with gin and just because a drink is served in a martini glass doesn't make it a "...tini." (Not that I have an opinion or anything.)
The blogspot address is www.clickblogappetit.blogspot.com because I couldn't get just blogappetit.
Most of my photos were taken with an Olympus Stylus 410.
The giant pumpkin in the photo weighed in at 444 pounds.

Well, that's all I can think of for now.

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