Monday, February 27, 2006

Five a Day the 7-Eleven Way

Check out my post at Well Fed Network's Paper Palate site. It's all about fruits and veggies at your local 7-Eleven. What's next, a V-8 Slurpee?? Read all about it here .
Update: All Paper Palate and Well Fed links are dead -- you can see the post via the wonderful wayback archive here or see below.
A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle by Steve Rubenstein detailed some of the changes planned by America's largest convenience store chain. seveneleven
The article, "7-Eleven seeks to go beyond beer, jerky, cigarettes," reports on a northern California meeting of 7-Eleven franchise owners. The company set up a "faux" 7-Eleven so the franchisees and their managers could see how to market carrots, bananas, apples, and pears.
While bananas can be sold from a rack pretty easily, watch for the other fresh items to be cut, washed and prepped in some way to make them as easy to grab and go as a Slim Jim or bag of Cheetos. The carrots, for example, will be sliced and packaged in "plastic cups that fit into automobile cup holders." As Rubenstein writes, "Even a carrot must evolve to survive."
For those more interested in fruit flavors than the actual thing, the company is also introducing some new Slurpee frozen soft drinks. These include mango melon, blue raspberry and sugar-free raspberry lemonade.
There are more than 29,000 7-Eleven stores according to the the company's website in U.S., Canada and 17 other countries and U.S. territories.
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