Thursday, February 23, 2006

Too Much Chocolate?

Can there be such a thing? But it does seem like many of my most recent posts have been referring you to my chocolate musings.

In the drafting stage -- a nice soup. In the thinking about it stage -- a round up of pomegranate recipes. In the cooking stage -- a menu for a wine tasting party (with special thanks to Alder from Vinography for his recommendations). Heck, while we are on the subject, I'm making Vinography a formal link from Blog Appetit. Lots of info on wine (from around the world), food and restaurants (mostly but not exclusively in the San Francisco Bay area). I like Alder's style, too, you don't need to be a wine expert to enjoy and use his site.

Plus, I will be a guest columnist on a food blog on March 6th and will feature a family favorite guaranteed to soothe your soul and raise your cholesterol. Want a hint as to what site I'll be writing for? It will never rub you the wrong way. Here's a second hint, where there is smoke there is good eating. Click here to check out this "mystery blog."

Please watch for these posts and more.

P.S. I am starting to think of competitions one might have at an Olympics of Chocolate Games. Curling (make chocolate curls) comes to mind. Perhaps icing dancing, where you make chocolate dribbles ontop of frosting. Speed tempering? Would Alpine events involve white chocolate? Any other ideas out there? Add a comment below.

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